Laurels International School, under the aegis of Laurels Global, United Kingdom, has been set up by Navyarchi Educational Society and is Allahabad's first international day-boarding school. Spread over a campus of about 7 acres at Sarangapur near Naini on the Rewa Road, it offers world-class quality education, international linkages and overall development of children.


Adventure camp thrills children with mountaineering activities




Holland and Denmark-based organisation Globe Trot and India’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering organised a two-day adventure camp at Laurels International School to thrill children with activities such as going from one building to another on a wire at the height of 100 feet and climbing down from a height of 150 feet by a rope.

Ultra-modern imported tents, which are used by mountaineers to climb mountains such as the Everest, were set up for 8 to 15-years old children, who had a unique experience of spending the night with stars under the open sky.

The camp was inaugurated by Senior Caption Tushar Bharadwaj, who came from Denmark. Experts from the mountaineering institute trained children in First-Aid and demonstrated skills to help themselves and other in the event of a natural calamity ... Read More >>>


Laurels International School, Allahabad, is committed to provide international-standard education to children. The school belives that education should be fun for students and they should not take it as a burden.


Laurels policy is no school bags until class III, no home work as the institution assigns extra hours during the school time to finish work and no private tuition as the school takes care of additional educational needs of less-able students or those returning from long holidays.

The school's motto is "Beyond Excellence" and its talented teachers work hard for students' overall educational, emotional and personality development.   


Laurels Global, UK


Laurels International School, Allahabad, has been set up under the aegis of Laurels Global, a non-profit body registered in the United Kingdom. Laurels Global is committed to provide world-class facilities and educational consultancy to upcoming modern schools in fast growing countries by pooling quality resources and materials from all over the world. It aims to help new institutions in adapting the best educational patterns practiced in several developed nations.

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Our Principal


Laurels International School is in the caring hands of Principal Dr Arun Prakash, who has worked as the founder principal of several Delhi Public Schools (DPS) including DPS Saudi Arabia and DPS Guwahati. Dr Prakash has received the National Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of education from the then president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Prakash, a D. Phil degree holder, has about 30 years of experience of being an educator, mostly as the head of an institution.






Statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri unveiled in the school


Skills required to succeed in the 21st century are entirely different than those needed in the previous century and today we need well trained youth who can connect, analyse, communicate and dare to face the challenges of life, Shri Ram Naik, Hon’ble Governor, Uttar Pradesh, said.

“Educational institutions should change with time and encourage children to learn in a stress-free environment,” the Governor said in a speech, read in absentia, at Laurels International School, as he could not arrive from Lucknow due to poor weather conditions.

Hon’ble Governor was scheduled to attend a ceremony at Laurels International School to unveil the statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri and inaugurate the school’s TV studio. In the Governor’s absence, the statues were unveiled by the Guest of Honour, Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shabihul Hasnain of Allahabad High Court ... Read More >>>


First audition of Laurels Talent Hunt attracts more than 1,300 applications


The first audition of Laurels International School’s mega talent show, which offers a total cash prize of Rs 3 lakhs, attracted more than  1,300 applications for various acts such as singing, dancing and painting.

Following a huge number of participants for the Naini area audition, the show organisers dedicated two weekends for the auditions instead of one planned earlier. The junior group performed on Dec. 21 at Laurels International School and the senior group’s audition took place on Dec. 28. About a dozen auditions will take place in the city and the surrounding areas in the coming weeks.

Chief Guest for the Dec 21 audition, Sri K. P. Singh (I.P.S.), S.P. Headquarter, said: “Laurels Talent Hunt is a great platform for children of the city to showcase their talents. The competition could prove to be an important milestone for children to shine on a national stage going forward. It will also motivate students to be more active in extra-curricular activities ... Read More >>>                                


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